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How To Choose A Robust Safe For Your Valuables?

Since the industrial revolution, safes have undergone innovative changes and refinements. The antique safes were built from cast iron. But today they are mostly built using steel. That said, a complex recipe of metals goes into creating the right material for a safe. Not to mention, it has to be resistant enough against elements and physical attacks.

But when it comes to choosing a robust safe for your valuables, the discussion needs to go into certain details. Ask expert local locksmiths in Miami and they will take you through a long list of factors. We’ve compiled important points in brief for you.

Determine Your Requirements

First and foremost, list out your requirements. Think about what personal belongings you need to save in the safe – now as well as in the future. You may want to keep jewelry, important documents, antiques, etc. with the list increasing over time. Thus, consider your needs to decide the size and the internal layout of your safe. Buying a bigger safe with some space left for future use always proves to be a wise decision.

Make It Fire & Water Resistant

Invest in a safe not just as a security measure but also as insurance against fire damage. All types of safes are not fire-resistant. They come with different fire ratings. For instance, Class E safes can resist fire at temperatures up to 1550-degree Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. But a Class A safe can resist fire up to 2000-degree Fahrenheit for up to 4 hours.

To provide sufficient protection to paper and cash, a minimum of 1-hour fire rating is vital. Ultimately, the level of fire resistance offered by a safe depends on its construction. Get a customized design from a professional local locksmith in Miami. Also, note that extinguishing a fire involves a huge amount of water. So, a good fire-proof safe is also waterproof.

Choose A Tamper Proof Lock System

A perfectly designed safe must be tamper-resistant to guard your valuables even when it gets into the

wrong hands. This feature depends on the type of lock mechanism implemented during the construction.

Mechanical combinations have been providing excellent protection for centuries. However, with a numbered dial to spin, they become inconvenient for some. Instead, the latest biometric lock systems are taking over, especially in commercial ecosystems.

Overall, going for a combined mechanism consisting of mechanical and electronic lock can give you double benefits. In case one fails, the other will allow you to access your safe. Most of Miami’s local locksmiths recommend having your safe lock serviced once every 5 years.

Anchor The Safe

One of the easiest ways for burglars is to move the safe to a place where they get time to crack the code. Thus, fixing your safe into concrete adds extra security precaution. Most safes come with anchor holes so that you can bolt it in a safe place. But remember you need an expert Miami locksmith to ensure adequate protection with anchoring.

Multi-Layered Security From Miami’s Local Public Locksmith

Public Locksmith in Miami Beach offers custom-made safe designs that are built and tested for performance before installation. We offer our customers all types of features that make a safe robust

security asset. Along with the features mentioned above, we offer integrated alarms, battery-free or battery-operated safes, and more. We recommend that before you plan to invest in safe security, consider all the features that are available.

As long-established local locksmith service in Miami, we provide safes for both home valuables and business assets. You can count on us to make the right choice. Call us anytime even when you need just a safe repair or installation. Safety, guarantee, and affordability are qualities that make us reliable locksmiths.

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