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Most of us know a locksmith as a key maker who can help in lockouts, duplicate keys, and repair locks. But modern locksmiths can do more than what you may think. They are more than just key makers, playing an essential role as security agents in our lives.

Let’s check some professional locksmith services that are lesser-known to help you stay updated.

1. Digital Security System

Digital security is the new normal, especially for multi storey residential and commercial buildings. It makes everyday activities highly secure and convenient. If we talk about a complete digital security system, it covers everything from surveillance cameras, sensors, to fire protection. Whereas some may need standalone digital locks, access cards, keypads, or password combinations. Locksmiths specialize in installing all types of digital technology-related security systems. They can help you detect intrusions as well as restrict access based on location, time, or individual. At the same time, they can eliminate the need to manage keys.

2. Intercom

Intercoms have added for more comfort in homes and offices. The idea to control exit and entries without having to leave your desk got popular in the 90s. Today it has gone to the next level with digital quality audio and visual identification along with capabilities like recording and zooming. Locksmith services offer the installation of a wide range of intercom systems with varying features. They can integrate it with your security system and enable controlled access to different parts of your building.

3. Safe And Gun Keeping Storage

Storage of your most valuable assets as well as your weapon requires a specialist for installation. You always want your safe to be the safest place that remains hidden from intrusions. For this, you need professional locksmith services that guarantee a secure installation of your safe and gun keeping storage. Miami’s local locksmiths provide various kinds of safes from key-based on the ones that open with a secret code or fingerprints.

4. Security Doors

Having a high-quality lock on your door is not sufficient to establish 100% protection. Alongside this, you also need a high-security door that keeps up with the abilities of the lock system. Various high-quality materials provide the strength to withstand any physical force. And you might not know that building and installing security doors is a locksmith skill. Not just that, but assessing the quality of a security door is also taken care of by locksmiths. They can make excellent quality exit and entry doors that are fire-resistant and robust to break-ins. Plus, they also specialize in adding additional features such as door closures, spyhole, jammer, door lock reinforcer, etc.

5. Security Assessment & Customization

Locksmith service is not only about getting security features built and installed. They are experts in assessing and recommending security elements and devices that best suit your premises. Is your digital security, robust enough against hackers? What size padlock does your exit door need? They are well-versed about the nuts and bolts of a security breach. And based on that they can suggest a plethora of qualities, characteristics, and tips that your security system lacks.

Public Locksmith – Expert Local Locksmith In Miami

Public Locksmith is one of those leading Miami-based local locksmiths that offer every security service listed above. Beyond that, we also specialize in the repair and maintenance of the security devices as well as hardware materials.

Every assessment, make, installation, and maintenance, we provide, ensures peak performance. Every time

we provide our service, our motto is that your commercial or residential property is safe from accident or theft.

Apart from being a residential and commercial locksmith in Miami, we also serve as professional automobile locksmiths.

Last but not least, if you are in the need of an emergency locksmith in Florida give us a call. We will be at your rescue within minutes.

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