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Find Out Why You Need a Master Key System?

Before starting, let us first figure out what a master key is? Well, in simple terms, a ‘master key’ is a single key that smartly unlocks all of your locks.

Having a master key that can open several locks is quite useful for people like landlords and office managers. As they can have access to all the rooms with just a single key.

Now, the question arises, what if someone finds it? It can be a serious problem – as much as a security breach.

Losing keys always comes up with the risk of burglary. But if you ask a professional Miami local locksmith, the risk is not high when it comes to master keys. There will be less circulating of keys, less usage, and hence fewer chances of losing it.

There Are Several Merits Of Carrying A Master Key

Easy Management

It is always not easy to manage too many keys together. With a master key, it becomes easy and simple to secure multiple doors in a building. Moreover, you have controlled access to each entrance and exit, making your property secure.

No Key Loss Or Damage

If you have a master key, you can easily secure your property. Because the chances of keys getting lost or stolen are very low. Plus, it’s extremely difficult to duplicate a master key. And that’s an added benefit!

Helpful In Critical Situation

If you ask a 24-hour locksmith, in critical situations, a master key can be an emergency solution. Holding up a single key is way too helpful as you can unlock the entire building at once. Especially for larger organizations and multi-tenant buildings, the master key can prove to be an excellent response to emergencies such as a fire.

Working Of A Master Key

Understanding the working of a master key helps in realizing it’s potential.

The lock sizes aren’t all the same. There are locks available with different shapes and sizes, though the mechanism is quite similar.

Cylinder Lock

Cylinder Lock For Increasing the Security of Your Space

The cylinder lock is relatively common. It consists of a cylindrical-type lock or plug

and a cam.

When the plug rotates one side, the cam is made to turn and the lock opens up. While turning the cam to the other side, a bolt is released and the round plug is tightened. This is done to make it ‘not to rotate’ and finally it gets locked.

Pin And Tumbler Lock

Some of the locks are made with certain pairs of pins. These can be unlocked with two or more different keys. Besides, there is a third pin present at a relatively distant place with the other two. It is called a spacer or wafer.

The three pins are kept together in a shaft, and the lock is made to unlock by adjusting the pins in two manners. There is a shear line lying above the wafer. The different key may turn the shear line up over the pins but the master may turn up the pins to put the shear line downwards. In most of the locks, the pin at the bottom is the same but the length of the wafer is not similar. Due to this, only the man with a master key can unlock it.

Public Locksmith – Your One Stop Security Solution Provider

Public Locksmith, your local locksmith in Miami Beach understands what it takes to protect your investment and assets.

Instead of keeping many keys together, simply carrying a single one is indeed less complex. Locks that require master keys are technically designed hence no fake keys can bother you. Whether you are in charge of protecting a commercial business or a residential property, we can help. As a leading professional locksmith in Miami, Florida, we provide a well-planned high-security master key system.

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