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How To Protect Your Car From Keyless Car Theft

Did you know that the majority of cars stolen in Miami today are keyless entry models? Most folks believe that advanced technology will naturally imply better security. What they don’t factor in, is the sheer ingenuity of the tech-savvy car rustler. Let me take you through one of the more popular car theft techniques used nowadays. Professional automotive locksmiths in Miami, FL call it the ‘relay hack on keyless FOB systems’.

How do they go about this? We are told by the police in Miami, FL that they come as a 2-man team. One stays close to the targeted vehicle with a small decoy transponder. The other guy simply strolls around the building where the key fob is most probably kept, say the home or office. Once he gets in range of the key fob, his partner who is standing by the targeted car will attempt to unlock by pulling the car door. At this point, the 2nd guy’s transponder transmits the found signal to the device, which then relays it to the ‘out of range’ key fob. The decoy transponder in the thief’s hand gets the acknowledgment, which then relays it to the out of range key fob.

Then it’s just a matter of starting the car and driving away. And all this happens, within just a few minutes. That is why professional automotive locksmiths in Miami, FL call it a ‘relay hack on keyless FOB systems’.

So here’s what you must do to keep your car security systems from getting hacked. Please buy a good quality ‘signal blocking pouch’. Lined with a layer of metal, it essentially isolates your key and its frequency so that it isn’t transmitted or copied. This prevents thieves from picking up and relaying signals from your key and protects you against break-ins and keyless ignition theft.

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