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Traditional locks which were once referred to as just ‘locks’ have defined the value of security and privacy since centuries. Now, after the arrival of digital locks, its importance seems to be diminishing. An increasing number of modern homeowners prefer securing their property using digital locks.

However, even in the age of technology, you need to consider which lock best suits your home security. Thanks to the residential locksmith expertise. We explore the qualities of both types so that you can make your investment wisely.

Traditional Locks

Locksmiths offer endless varieties of traditional locks to secure your residential

property. Most of these work with a similar mechanism. They are engaged manually – by a turn of a key or the push of a button. But the level of security each one offers is different.

Deadbolt – This type is one of the best front door locks providing maximum security to a house. A deadbolt lock is grouped as per grades that determine their relative strength and durability. For example, Grade 1 deadbolt provides maximum security.

Mortice Deadlock – This type offers a varying number of levers. Remember, more the levers, more the protection. Mortice deadlock is fitted to wooden doors from both the inside and outside using a key. As per expert residential locksmiths, fitting a Nightlatch to this lock maximises your home security.

Multi-point Lock – For this type, multiple bolts are engaged in the door frame. The least is three points or four points. Multipoint locks are best for UPVC doors and/or composite entrance doors.

Most importantly, your home will get maximum security only when you use these locks in the right manner. Consider factors like the front door material. For instance, for wooden doors, installing two door locks increases the level of security.

Also, consider how often you will use the lock. If the frequency of use is high you need to focus on the lock’s longevity and durability.

Digital Locks

Digital locks, also famous as smart locks, have transformed the way homeowners

look at security. To be specific, these are just the automated versions of traditional locks. In most of the varieties, the foundational mechanism is the same. The only difference is these are engaged remotely or digitally – and not manually.

The engagement system of the lock is controlled by your smartphone. If in case someone tries to tamper the lock, it instantly sends an alert to your authorised device i.e usually a smartphone.

Digital locks can get vulnerable in terms of both physical aspects and cybersecurity. If you plan to use a digital lock, you need to consider both features to enhance security.

Anyone with the right training and practice could easily tamper its physical aspects. This could lead to a good chance of bypassing security.

Likewise, hackers can easily get over cybersecurity. In case your front door digital lock is breached, your entire home security network is at risk. Moreover, all your personal data and confidential information on your integrated device could be at risk.

Hence, if you plan to install a digital lock, it is important to keep apps updated and secure passwords. You could also use a PIN for unlocking via voice assistants.

In addition, it is crucial to invest in a high-security firewall for your home network. This ensures that you regularly change the network passwords and access codes.

Take Away From Expert Residential Locksmith

Some professional locksmiths recommend having a robust traditional lock for the front and back door. You can install a digital lock in the room where you keep most of your valuable possessions. This is one of the smart ways to set up comprehensive home security.

If you are still confused which one will best suit your home security, consult Public Locksmith. We are expert residential locksmiths in Miami offering all types of locksmith services. We are here to give you real tips and solutions to improve security measures more than ever.

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