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The entrance door is often a burglar’s first choice for break-in. Hence, needless to say, your home entrance door has to be the shield of your entire home security.

Even a professional residential locksmith service will always consider the door design before providing you with a high-security lock solution. Because the security a lock provides highly depends on the design and strength of the door.

After scouring the doors that provide high-security, we’ve refined the list into the top 3.

Mahogany Door

If you prefer wooden doors for the entrance, mahogany proves to be the winner both in style and strength. The solid hardwood is dense and provides high durability for decades to come. It endures all weathers with extreme resistance to dry wood termites, rot, and mold.

It is more affordable than many security doors available in the market. The installation is simple but its heavyweight might make it a bit trickier. Besides, it fits smoothly into any architectural design style – from the old style to the sleek contemporary.

South American mahogany from Brazil, Cuba, and the West Indies is most valued. However, ensure that you opt only for a sustainable variety.

Steel Security Door

High-security steel doors are typically used for public or commercial properties. But nowadays even

homeowners are choosing steel doors to enhance security at the entrance.

First-grade steel security doors are fire rated. They retard the spread of fire and smoke while being highly thermally efficient. Moreover, they provide incredible insulation from noise.

High-security steel doors are friendly on your pocket and tough against invasions. They are designed to be crime deterrent and durable. Applying a powder-coated frame and galvanized steel screen makes it highly resistant to corrosion. And to talk about looks, it enhances the curb appeal of your home.

When you are looking to install a steel door, we recommend adding an extra layer of sealant to increase its strength.

Composite Door

The last entry to the top 3 list is the fiberglass door. The door is a type of composite door made by combining different materials such as a glass-reinforced polymer. It gives the look of a wooden door but is stronger from within. It provides twice the screw-holding power of wood.

Fiberglass doors give high durability and require minimal maintenance. They do not warp or deteriorate due to sunlight or water.

The door boasts an extremely strong structural frame combined with glass-reinforced plastic. But just as an expert residential locksmith provides perfect lock installation, you need to have a professional to properly install fiberglass doors.

Additional Features For A High-Security Door

A high-security door is different from a standard door. Typically it comprises a metal core and striking bolts in the frame that secures the door. Here are some additional features you could consider to enhance security.

  • Door chain – When a stranger is calling you at the door, you could just answer them by sliding the chain into place. This prevents an intruder from forcing entry.

  • Spyhole – Having it in the door helps you to check who is calling you at the door.

  • Door lock reinforcer – Ask a residential locksmith to install this around the lock for extra strength to the lock.

  • Jammer – This is fastened to the floor about an inch from the door. It is attached to the doorknob to prevent the moving of the door, thereby increasing safety.

The Need For A High-Security Lock Solution From Expert Residential Locksmith

Not to mention, every high-security door requires a high-security lock and vice-versa. When both are in place, you have comprehensive home security as your peace of mind.

But not all residential locksmiths can provide locks solutions that match the grade of your high-security doors. You need a professional licensed residential locksmith for the ultimate lock solution.

Public Locksmith in Miami, Florida is a licensed locksmith offering highly advanced locks for any high-security door. We provide all types of services such as installation, repair, and rekeying for high-security doors. We are 24×7 local locksmiths available for emergency service in Miami.

Reach out to us for the most compatible door locks for your high-security doors!

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