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Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems

Every multistory building has unique security requirements that protect the entire building from inside and outside. The creation of a comprehensive security system starts with an evaluation of security needs in every corner. It may also be wise to consult a professional commercial locksmith to stay up to date with the latest technology and the right approach.

New risks emerge all the time. And that we have technology that can detect threats, a digital security system becomes inevitable for modern-day buildings. Going ahead, we have listed some essential security components. These help property owners secure premises for their employees, tenants, and visitors.

Top 6 Components To Create Inclusive Security System


CCTV Cameras For High-security of Your Business

CCTV Cameras For High-security of Your Business

This video surveillance system is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to enhance building security. It integrates different CCTV cameras with a CCTV recorder to help you monitor every corner in the building. Instead of investing in setting up a security team, a single guard is enough to monitor the entire facility.

Elevator Access Control System (EACS)

A locksmith service will tell you that elevators are one of the most vulnerable points in multi-story buildings. An EACS that uses cards and readers has control over who can take the lift to reach a particular floor. You can secure access to your tenants or employees who belong on each floor. You can also customize elevator use for different people throughout a day.

Access Control System (ACS)

An ACS restricts entry or approves entry of different people to certain rooms, floors, or even the entire building. It requires the installation of a card reader, RFID scanner, or biometric scanner in your entryway. ACS is effective in protecting sensitive or confidential areas from unauthorized intrusions.

Sensors & Detectors

Use of infrared, microwave or laser sensors/detectors help you secure as well as improve the energy efficiency of your building. Some of the important ones you can install are:

  • Temperature Sensor – To control heating and cooling conditions and detect faults in HVAC systems

  • Motion Sensor – Detect the physical movement of individuals, animals, or objects. They help alert businesses from intruders.

  • Contact Sensor – These detect the opening and closing of doors and windows.

Fire Protection System

A complete fire protection system warns building occupants of emergencies. And at the same time, it also possesses a fire extinguisher system that prevents the spread of flames and smoke via the ductwork of the building. It includes:

  • Power supply with batteries

  • Sensitive carbon monoxide detector

  • Smoke detector/alarms

  • Voice alerts and flashing lights

  • Control panel for continuous monitoring and dispatch management

Electromagnetic Lock System

These make it convenient for you to give access to new employees or tenants without the need of key cutting. You only need to program a new key card that works with the lock. An expert locksmith service can develop magnetic locks capable of tracking who enters and exits in your building.

Public Locksmith Service – Your Complete Commercial Security Partner

Being the certified locksmith Miami Beach, we begin with assisting you in assessing potential risks relating to the type of building. Based on your requirements, we offer an integrated security system with the above mentioned key components. Preferably, we also provide installation of standalone systems.

We have helped hundreds of local building owners from South Beach to Wynwood in setting up a

Service Location Areas of Public Locksmith, Miami

Service Location Areas of Public Locksmith, Miami

comprehensive security system. With our service, you can rest assured that your premises are under protection 24/7 at various levels. And when the need arises, our 24-hour locksmith in Miami is always ten minutes away. We can rush to your place to get things resolved immediately.

Do you require a local locksmith service to build a new security system from scratch? Are you seeking a commercial locksmith recommendation for any security upgrade? We take pride in offering custom security solutions with our reliability, expertise, and latest technology.

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