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The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Rekeying Services by Public Locksmith Inc.

The security of a commercial establishment is a critical consideration. Among the myriad of safety measures, robust locking systems play a fundamental role. This is where Public Locksmith Inc. steps in, providing comprehensive commercial rekeying services, from modern keypads to traditional lock-and-key systems. Here, we delve into the specifics of our rekeying service.

What is Commercial Rekeying?

Commercial rekeying involves the modification of the lock system so that old keys can no longer unlock it. This requires changing the internal tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock to fit a new key. It provides a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to alter their access control, maintaining security without replacing the entire lock system.

Why Should You Consider Commercial Rekeying?

There are several scenarios where commercial rekeying is beneficial:

Employee Turnover: When employees leave your company, especially if they held keys to your premises, rekeying is a prudent step to prevent unauthorized access.

Lost or Stolen Keys: If keys to your business premises are lost or stolen, rekeying will ensure the misplaced keys can’t be used maliciously.

Moving into New Premises: If you’ve moved into a new building, it’s wise to rekey the locks as you can’t be sure who might still have keys.

Consolidating Key Control: If you have multiple keys for various locks, rekeying can simplify your key control with a master key system.

The Spectrum of Locks

At Public Locksmith Inc., we work with various types of locks that can be rekeyed:

Traditional Key Locks: These are the most common type, typically found on exterior doors.

Keyless Entry Systems: These systems, including keypads and proximity readers, may not require physical rekeying but often necessitate code or access changes when security is compromised.

High-Security Locks: These advanced locks offer enhanced security, with key control and pick-resistant features.

The Range of Door Hardware

Beyond locks, our services encompass a range of door hardware:

Door Closers: These ensure that doors close automatically after being opened, enhancing security and energy efficiency.

Exit Devices: Also known as crash bars or panic bars, these devices allow doors to be quickly opened from the inside in emergencies.

Keypads: Keypad locks offer keyless entry, with rekeying involving code changes.

Prox Readers: Proximity readers enable entry through a card or fob. Rekeying these involves changing access permissions.

Different Key Systems

We also provide rekeying for various key systems:

Keyed Different: Each lock has its key, which doesn’t open any other lock.

Keyed Alike: One key opens all locks. This is convenient but may not provide sufficient security for larger businesses.

Master Key System: This system involves several different keys opening specific doors, and a master key that opens all doors. It’s suitable for large commercial premises.

Grand Master Key System: A more complex version of the master key system, it has different levels of keys with varying access.

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