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Choosing Local Locksmith in Miami, Amid COVID-19

It is more than three months since the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. During this time, our healthcare workers, policemen, and cleaning services are fighting the pandemic at the frontline. And we cannot be grateful enough to these frontline defenders who have been constantly serving the society.

As per several US experts, this global health crisis might stay in the world for nearly two years. Hence, it is vital for us to redefine how we live, work, and play.

The coronavirus spread has hit so hard, that it has not just affected our lifestyles. But it has also opened doors for antisocial elements to break into our properties. There have been hundreds of incidents of burglary and theft in the US and across the globe. With many businesses temporarily or permanently shut down and thousands losing their jobs, motivation to commit such crimes might rise.

Looking at the positive side, businesses and homeowners have downtime on their hands. This time gives you the perfect opportunity to check your security systems for any repairs or upgrades. Both lock systems that require repair or the outdated ones are vulnerable to thefts. Thus, calling a locksmith service to get things right is a wise step to take.

Considering a different scenario, the need for a locksmith might occur in emergencies. This is when a professional 24-hour locksmith can help.

Recognizing A Responsible Locksmith Service During The Pandemic?

However, calling a locksmith service today requires various precautionary measures to protect our family from the spread. So, here are some essentials you need to ensure when allowing a professional local locksmith to visit your home or office in your presence.

Safety Precautions When You Need A Locksmith
  • They must wear shoe covers over their shoes, mask, and disposable gloves.

  • Check whether they are wearing disposable gloves while working to avoid direct contact.

  • After the work is complete, ensure they sanitize the entire work area they came in contact with.

  • Ensure they dispose of their gloves in the appropriate manner and not leave them anywhere at your premises.

  • Next, make sure they wash their hands with soap and water before wrapping up.

  • During their presence at your home or office, ensure that they are maintaining a safe distance of 6 feet with everyone else.

Your Responsibility

Apart from the steps mentioned above, you need to follow certain practices as a responsible customer. These include:

  • If there is any COVID-19 patient in your family or you are in self-isolation, disclose the fact to the locksmith service.

  • In the case, if the locksmith is not carrying antibacterial soaps, water, sanitizer along, you need to provide them.

  • Make sure to maintain a safe distance from the technician and avoid physical contact.

Also, have the latest updates on health and safety advice published by the WHO as well as the government.

Public Locksmith – Your 24-hour Locksmith Service

At Public Locksmith in Miami, we take the safety and health of our workers, customers, and the community very seriously. And we put this at primary and high importance.

During this pandemic, we are taking the best precautionary measures to prevent local transmission of this deadly virus. Going through all the concerns of our customers we have continued our services amid COVID-19 without any interruption.

Contact Public Locksmith, Miami FL

Since our inception, we are known for diligent emergency locksmith services. Even today, we are available 24X7 on a single call.

So, without you having to worry about anything, we as a most responsible local locksmith in Miami are committed to serving you with extreme caution and care. This includes adhering to the WHO and government protocols including the mask and gloves policy and safe distance policy.

In the end, we always pray for everyone’s health and safety. So, remember to stay at home as much as possible, and stay safe.

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