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Retail Store Security Tips, Get the Basics Right!

For every retail store owner, security is one area that is always top of mind. Even if your store is insured, just the out-of-pocket costs and other related expenditures can be prohibitive. For a small business owner, investing in the more advanced security systems may not be a viable option. But you can certainly follow the basic security guidelines given below and ensure that your retail store is well protected.

1. Video surveillance:

Install a good video surveillance system and make sure that anyone who is casing your store is aware that he or she is under surveillance.

2. Lighting and Landscaping:

Make sure that your shop exterior areas are well lit at night. Good security lighting is always a big deterrent for intruders and they invariably steer clear of your property. Make sure you keep landscaping and trees neatly trimmed — otherwise, you are giving criminals ready-made hiding places.

3. Install top-quality security doors and gates:

Many retail businesses invest in a really good security system for their main entrance. They overlook the fact that it is the rear entrance that is more vulnerable to a break-in. So, it is always best to install top-quality deadbolts and security gates for both the main and rear entrances.

4. Rekeying your locks periodically:

As keys are invariably handled by several employees, it’s always good to get your locks rekeyed periodically. Rekeying will make your old keys completely ineffective, without having to invest heavily in new locks.

5. Invest in a good alarm system:

Invest in a good alarm system and ensure that it is directly connected with the local police department. Modern alarm systems will immediately alert you if someone broke into your business.

6. Ensure that you insure:

Yes, insurance can be an expensive proposition, but it offers protection and peace of mind. So always opt for a good, comprehensive insurance policy.

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