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If you are confused about the right door closer that will meet your office or home needs, this article is for you. The best thing to consult a professional to make sure that you are making the right decision. You will have two options in the choice of placement depending on the type of door you want. The two options are the Concealed or Surface mounted door closers.

Concealed Door closers

Concealed door closers as their name implies, are concealed from view. They are often found on doors that open both ways (double acting doors). Concealed door closers provide a cleaner look that is fit for business owners. Concealed doors are the best option for areas with heavy traffic, that is why concealed door closers are perfect for busy storefronts.

Concealed door closers come in two varieties, which are:

1. Overhead-concealed door closers.

They are located inside of the door header. This type of concealed door closers is not visible when the door is closed, and it can work with aluminum or glass door.

2. Floor concealed door closers.

They are located under the door, and they are not visible when the door is closed. It works best with glass doors.

Surface Mounted Door Closers

Surface mounted door closers are the most common and inexpensive door closer. They are also very easy to install. The surface door closers are typically located on the top of the door.

There are three types of surface mounted door closers which are:

1. Standard mounts.

They are installed on the side of the door. The standard mount has two arms that sit out when the door is closed.

2. Top Jamb Closer

They are installed on the push side of the door. The Top jamb closer includes a spring-loaded box that is mounted on the doorframe.

3. Parallel closers.

They are installed on the push side of the door with two arms that sit on top of the door when it is closed. Parallel closers are attached to a spring-loaded box that is located at the top on the push side of the door.

So which is best for you – Concealed Door closers or Surface Mounted Door Closers

The door closer you choose depends on your budget and the amount of traffic your business receives daily. If you own mall, you will need a heavy duty closer, and that means you have to spend more on door closers. However, If your business doesn’t require a lot of traffic, you can go for a surface door closer. No matter the option you choose, make sure it meets safety standards. Call Public Locksmith for advices

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