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Losing your keys is a natural thing for all human beings. So if you have lost keys, you have to remember that everyone does it, so you don’t have to blame yourself instead search for the keys.

It might seem impossible, but lost keys can be found. Although it requires patience and time to find your lost keys, they can be found! So always remember that. The question now is how can they be found?

1. Stay calm and keep searching.

When your keys get missing, you panic, that’s alright. But the mistake lots of people make when they lose their keys is that they don’t stay calm and keep searching. Stay calm, and keep searching for your keys. Put it at the back of your mind that you haven’t done anything wrong, so relax!

Try to remember all the places you have been to, and check the places you might have emptied your pocket and dropped your keys. You know the funniest thing is that when you are calm, you will be surprised to find your keys in the most unusual place such as your trousers back pocket or your bag.

2. Always remember that your mind might trick you

When you lost your keys, and you are in panic, your mind might introduce a false memory that will take you off track. For instance, you might lose your keys in the car, but the mind might introduce a notion that you left them at home. So you will have to rush and go home to look for something that isn’t there. If you are looking for keys with colleagues or friends, don’t ask questions like “when was the last time you saw the keys?” instead ask specific questions like “do you remember when you gave me the keys at school?” this way, you will be able to find your keys faster.

3. Call a locksmith

If you have tried everything, but you can’t still find your keys, call a locksmith for a key duplication or a lock replacement service. These services might cost you money, but trust me it is worth the trouble. However, if you happen to find your lost keys after the service, don’t curse or blame yourself. Thank God that you now have a spare key to your apartment or car.

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